Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
Population: ~4 328
Unemployment: ~40% fluctuating up to ~60%

This little town is wrought with socioeconomic issues, with a high unemployment rate in winter due to a large proportion of the community’s dependence on seasonal employment on the surrounding farms and a lack of industry in the surrounding area.

The lack of recreational social infrastructure in this community has led to a profitable niche for shebeens and illegal liquor distributors, which provide a convenient source of entertainment.

These are heart-wrenching and common problems across our nation, but they don’t define Kylemore. The town boasts a strong and vibrant traditional culture, led by older members of the community. There are many talented artisans in the town that craft unique wares and offer services of high quality, with ample opportunity for the cultivation of wealth. There is also a strong belief in community upliftment participation in the residents of this town, with a history of community-driven social outreach programs.