The fund aims to provide relief to vulnerable communities for up to 2 years, adding new communities as the fund grows.

To read more about the currently selected communities, click on the links below or explore on the map.

Kylemore, Sir Lowry's Pass, Fisantekraal

Fund A Person

Funding a person gives you the opportunity to activate people in reaching community project outcomes.

R 550 ( $37 ) - per month activates 1 person
R 2 750 ( $185 ) - per month activates 5 people
R 5 500 ( $370 ) - per month activates 10 people
R 16 500 ( $1 110 ) - per month activates 30 people

10 people activated = 35 lives impacted.
Accounts for families fed at home and shops gaining new revenue.

Fund A Project

Funding a project gives you the opportunity to fund all the outcomes of a project, activating all the required people for that project.

How we identify projects

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How do you get involved?

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Vollar NPC
Bank: First National Bank
Account: 62774585007
Type: Cheque / Current
Branch: 250655

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Our Promise

Guaranteed Impact

Vollars can only be earned by participants as they complete predefined outcomes in active projects, ensuring money flows as impact happens.

What makes Vollar exponentially impactful, is that the earned Vollars can only be spent at vetted small businesses in the community. This not only ensures families can buy essential products and services, but they do so in a way that uplifts the local economy.


"When you're surviving you can't dream." - Michael Ketterer

We believe that in order to create sustainable impact, you need to create the grounds for people to once again dream, believe, and hope that they can achieve something more.

Vollar focuses on creating the "fertile soil" for communities to thrive.
To do this, we:

  • Build prosperity by injecting money into the local economy through small businesses. If, when wages are paid, money flows out of the community to large corporates, the community remains as poor overall as they were before payday.
  • Restore dignity by giving people the opportunity to work and contribute to the community well-being. Society often overlooks the natural cycle of going to work and the dignity that comes from it. Poverty and unemployment erode that dignity, leaving people feeling hopeless and worthless.
  • Cultivate ownership by activating local community members to uplift their own community. Empowering locals is the answer. Handouts always create a sense of dependency, for example, "If you paint my house today, surely you will repaint it next time?"
Measurement & Evaluation

Any time Vollars are earned through our platform, data is captured, allowing our team to do real-time measurement and evaluation.

This process also increases security since we are able to follow up on any suspicious behaviour immediately, preventing mismanagement of funds.

The data captured through this fund will be made publicly available as the funds are deployed, enabling you to track your impact in real-time.

Relevant Projects

When Vollar launches in a community, we take the following process to identify projects that are relevant to the context:

  1. Discover: We identify respected community champions. These could be local elders, entrepreneurs, leaders, and non-profits.
  2. Define: We help the champions clarify their community's needs and explore potential projects that meet those needs, always making use of what the community already has available.
  3. Design: We train the champions to execute their chosen project, setting clear outcomes and expectations.
  4. Deliver: We onboard the champions to the Vollar platform, and the project commences.

The Vollar team provides continuous evaluation and remote support, and may do site visits when necessary.

COVID-19 Responsibility

Vollar aims to restrict its physical contact with host communities and, whenever possible, will make use of digital tools for training and support.

We have always believed that impact is most relevant and sustainable when done by the community itself, as locals understand their context far better than we ever could. When locals do the work, they take ownership of the impact, making it last far longer than if an outsider came to do it.

We have always believed in this approach, and besides being more impactful, it also ensures we limit physical contact in order to prevent unnecessarily spreading COVID-19.

Impactful Fund Usage
  • 90% of the fund will go directly to the beneficiary.
  • 10% of the fund will be reserved for covering operational costs.
  • Vollars can only be spent at small businesses who receive the actual money in the fund.